Why Negativity Is a Thing Of Failure

Negativity is the root of all problems. Whether its business, family, marriage, or friendship, negativity is the cause of all problems. I don’t believe that all people are predisposed to negativity, but imagine how successful you would be in all things, if you eliminate your negativity? Leadership in any endeavor requires, first and foremost personal leadership. To achieve any level of success, you must learn to not be negative.

Stop and look at moments of unhappiness. This doesn’t include the loss of a loved one, or other tragedies. I’m referring to everyday moments. Forgot your keys? Someone cut you off on your way to work, your co-worker or employee did something you perceive as well, stupid. These moments are the ones that we find to be unhappy. But why? Because we’re choosing to be negative.

Negativity Is Simply A Waste Of Time

Whether you work for a large company, are a teacher, or an entrepreneur, do you have time to be negative? No, you don’t. We all get 24 hours everyday. What we choose to do with those hours is our choice. Why fill these moments with sadness or create our own stress? There is no time. The negative feelings we create for ourselves over really unimportant things is simply a waste of time.

Here are five reasons to eliminate the negative:

  1. You will feel better
  2. Your health will improve
  3. Others will like you
  4. You will overcome obstacles
  5. Happiness leads to success

I don’t suggest being so happy that you are annoying. But what I suggest is stopping at the moment you feel yourself turning negative and ask is it really worth it. Is this the parent, student, employee, co-worker, boss, person I want to be? As a creative entrepreneur, I find the less good in things I look for, the less creative I am. So distancing myself from the negatives, (this includes people,) leads to my overall success.

So, eliminate the negatives and your minutes, days, your life, will be fuller and ultimately more successful.

Why Negativity Is a Thing Of Failure was originally published on vincentvicariart.com


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