Focus And You Will Be Truly Successful

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Is it hard to focus and be creative? I find focusing on something, at times, very difficult. Oddly enough, the things I have trouble focusing on, tend to be the creative things. Ironic for sure, but I started thinking if I focused on one creative thought everyday, then I will be successful. I needed to develop a technique. So how did I do it?

It’s a really simple concept when you think about it. Focus on one thing. Don’t multi-task. Don’t try to do more than you need to do at one time. Simply concentrate on that one thing you want to do the most. If you want to be truly creative and successful at it, don’t do too much.

I recently found myself trying to write a blog post, scan the Facebook page, think about sales for my shop all while also thinking about creating my next piece. I never started that piece, I didn’t finish the post and I ended up reading some other people’s posts on Facebook that only wasted my time. I wasn’t focusing.

What was to be a creative exercise, ended up being nothing more than a stressful situation for me. I accomplished nothing. I don’t count liking other posts as work or achieving anything. Yes, it makes the other person feel good, so that’s fine, but what did I accomplish?

Focus Yourself In 3 Steps

To overcome my lack of focus, I developed three techniques that work for me, and they will work for you. Take a look:

  1. Write it down. Plan and get organized. Everyday art is an everyday commitment to creating something. Start by writing down your ideas and then picking one to actually work on. This is your starting point.
  2. Take notes. Take notes on all your ideas. You will be surprised at what your mind comes up with. These notes should include what you will do, when, and how. This is your outline.
  3. Make the time. Five minutes? Ten minutes? An hour? Dedicate a specific amount of time to accomplish something in your notes. This is your calendar.

Simple right? Write down your idea and then build your outline and dedicate the time to your outline. That’s it. You can and should only focus on what you wrote. Don’t get distracted by anything else. Just do it.

The best part is I stop what I’m doing and move on. This puts my mind at ease. I did something towards my goal and now I can focus on other things.

So here’s my call-to-action: get a pad, a pen or pencil and jot down your ideas and number them. Get focused!

Focus And You Will Be Truly Successful was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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    1. Vince V. says:

      Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. Thanks for reading!

      1. paulib005 says:

        It was a great post, so I decided to reblog it.
        Thanks to you too..

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