Diversity Fosters Creativity

Photo by Cole Hutson via Unsplash.com


Diversity fosters creativity and is an asset to any creative process. I think it’s very easy for creatives to stay within their comfort zones. But if you expose yourself to diverse individuals, you will find new ideas and new perspectives. How do you find that diversity? Simply look around you. If you live in a cave, then go outside and hop on social media and you will immediately expose yourself to thousands of new perspectives. Diversity is a key to creativity. 

I’ve worked for well over a decade in a multi-cultural, multi-generational work environment. We can all agree some perspectives are not the most inspiring. I’ve learned much however, about personalities, character, but most of all on how people look at the world.

I’ll be the first to admit I see things rather straight-forward. I get easily frustrated when others hesitate or make an issue out of nothing. Only through exposure to some older individuals, did I learn the benefits of patience and understanding. Learning patience was instrumental in my creative process. I learned to slow down. I improved my art by taking my time.

Diversity Makes Creativity

Simply put, diversity is a foundation for being creative. Go to Facebook and look around. Look at the opinions, the profiles, just the pictures alone inspire. Maybe you want to draw a dog. Go to Facebook and look at other people’s dogs. People take pictures of their dogs the way they see their best friends. The diversity of people on Facebook is astonishing and never in human history have so many individual perspectives been in one place at the same time.

I create because I want to. I truly enjoy it, and it’s an extension of me. Learning from a different perspective only enhances that expression. Exposing myself to diverse individuals enhances my creative diversity.

“I need to find creative diversity because if I get stuck, I get unhappy.” 

-Jill Scott

I like to draw many things because I get inspired to do so. That and I’m not comfortable with settling on one form or category of art. But I learn so much from others, including what art they like.

Don’t let yourself become content. Expose yourself to others and learn from them. It is our diversity that unites us in more ways than any of us will admit. This applies to art and the creative process just as much as anything else.

Diversity Fosters Creativity was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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