5 Ideas To Organize Your Creative Space


I’m always organizing my creative space. It’s a continuous effort. There, I said it. That’s the first step in admitting I need to get organized and down to business.

Do you have the same problem? I bet many creatives have a similar problem. We have a tendency to accumulate art stuff: pencils, erasers, brushes, sketchbooks, and my favorite the random sketch on a piece of paper that’s just sitting there. Organizing is the key to a successful art business and your personal sanity. 

So I write my blog on the “family” computer and use the desk as my drawing space. Sometimes, I use the kitchen table.

The other evening, I found myself on the couch sketching. I migrated from the computer desk to the kitchen to the living room because I find the computer desk becomes the catch-all for, everything.

I forget my wife uses the same space. I know I shouldn’t think it’s just mine, but once I get creating I get lost in it.

The problem with disorganization is my overall productivity is hampered. My quest to make art every day fails..slightly..because I’m disorganized.

But not anymore.

5 Ideas To Organize Your Art Stuff

Here are 5 simple ideas to get yourself and your creative space organized:

  1. Dedicate an area specifically as your creative space. This space is your space. Maybe a desk, a back room, a table in the corner. Wherever it is, this is your space to explore your creativity and express yourself.
  2. Use organizers. I have a 3-drawer plastic organizer and a laptop bag (minus the laptop) where I keep all my creative stuff. Everything is neatly arranged in each. I can find what I need and I put everything back when I’m done. Ah…sanity.
  3. Keep like items together. Pencils and erasers together. Regular markers and watercolor markers together. Sketchbook and paper together. Grouping similar items in your organizers keep things neat.
  4. Track your stuff. Keep track of your supplies. Use a spreadsheet. Not only do you know when you’ll need to buy new, but tracking how much you spend are your business expenses. When tax time comes, you’ll be organized and have all the information you need.
  5. Make time to organize. This is the most important trick, but making time to organize and arrange your creative space is a necessity. I know you’re not creating or posting to your website, but making your space neat and orderly will save you time to create later.

Building and maintaining your creative space is integral to the creative process. Hopefully, your space is comfortable and a reflection of you the artist.

So get organized, get neat and get creating.


5 Ideas To Organize Your Creative Space was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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