5 Leadership Hacks Every Artist Needs

Photo by Joao Silas via Unsplash.com

Every artist is an entrepreneur. To be an creative entrepreneur, you must develop leadership qualities just like any other business person. There are many different skills, techniques, and nuances to leadership. Everyone’s style is a reflection of who they are as a person. I keep developing my skills and always look for new concepts and ideas. Regardless of your leadership style and personality, there are 5 leadership hacks that are universal. 

Unless you have the resources, most of us artists are individuals just trying to build a creative business. We are always leading from the front and on many occaisions, I find myself searching inside for some personal motivation. If you want others to follow you and be passionate about your work just as much as you, then follow these hacks:

    1. Build trust. You must build trust with your customers, critics, fans and yourself. You are your brand. Look at the most successful brands in the world, they have the trust of their customers. You as an artist must do the same.
    2. Foster relationships. No entrepreneur found success by going it alone. You must foster relationships with other artists, customers, galleries, anyone that can help you. These relationships are built on number one above, trust.
    3. Transparency. Successful brands are transparent. If you are honest with your potential customers and yourself, you will foster relationships based on trust. These customers will become your advocates and help sell your art for you.
    4. Accept criticism. All good leaders accept their own failures and accept others critiques. This doesn’t mean you should tolerate rude, offensive criticism. But critical feedback is good feedback and you will learn. Most of all, others will follow and respect you as the brand.
    5. Maintain an open mind. No leader or entrepreneur was truly successful if they failed to listen to the ideas of others. As artists, we tend to stick to what we feel is right with our work. That’s fine, but be open to trying new techniques, new mediums, new ways of promoting your work. Most of all, be open to attracting new customers.

Leadership Is Art

Leadership in itself is an art. Leadership qualities start from within. Artists can’t be afraid to be a leader. We as entrepreneurs need to focus our goals and find ways to express our creativity. When we lead, others will follow.

Artists and creatives in general add a unique value to every person’s everyday. Whether it’s a mural, a painting, wallpaper on myriad devices, art is everyday. Building your brand as an artist is something only you can do. If you follow the five hacks above, you will build your foundation for building your creative brand.

Don’t be afraid to lead!


5 Leadership Hacks Every Artist Needs was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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