5 Weekly Goal-Setting Tips For Creatives

Photo by Gian-Reto Tarnutzer via Unsplash.com

Setting goals is important to any creative business. Without goals, you will flounder and honestly, not achieve what you hope to accomplish. I think many creatives find goal-setting too structured. After all, many creatives are introverts and enjoy the non-conformity of creating. So why put yourself in a box and set goals? I set goals for my weekly routine for five simple reasons. These are not set in stone, but merely guideposts to help me accomplish what I want and what my creative business needs. I build my goals based on these reasons:

    1. I save time. Time is of the essence. With a full-time job, family and living life, setting weekly goals for my art business saves me time.
    2. Organization. The key to success in anything, especially business, is organization. My goals create an outline for me to follow during the week.
    3. Consistency. Setting goals forces me to be consistent with creating art and blogging. I strive for consistency, because the opposite just isn’t fun.
    4. I’m more creative. My goals set my routine, so I’m saving time allowing myself to be more creative.
    5. Less stress. When I’m not pursuing my passion, I get stressed. When I’m spending time doing other things in support of my business, I’m using valuable time on something other than creating. Setting goals lets me stay focused on doing what I want and therefore less stress.

Goal-Setting Is Easy. The Journey Is Hard

Setting goals is rather easy. Think about what you want to accomplish and determine what you need to do to get there.

Those are you goals.

Sticking to your plan and reaching the goals each week, that’s the challenge. That’s part of your creative journey and you overall creative process. If you write your goals down  and focus on them, you will overcome your obstacles and find you are more creative.

You will find more success from week to week because your goal-setting will get you there.


5 Weekly Goal-Setting Tips For Creatives was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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