Personal Reflection

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Reflection is tough. The hardest thing to do is, is to step back and look at ourselves. Asking what can we do to improve who we are as a person, is truly difficult.

It’s also the most important thing we can do. Personal reflection is key to success in any relationship. Here’s why. 

How often do you go through your daily grind and see people being not their best? We all see it. We all scratch our heads and that tiny voice inside is judging and criticizing the other person.

It’s at that moment when we should stop ourselves and reflect and think about what we do. How do others perceive us?

Reflection Messes With The Truth

To say I don’t care what others think is inaccurate. Of course I care. We all do. It’s what we do with those opinions and how we react to them that determines our character.

Taking the time to reflect, especially if you are a leader or manager or creative, is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself. Personal reflection allows us to learn more about ourselves. In turn, we can be our best self to others.

Leaders need to continually strive to be their best self. You will foster good relationships that flourish and lead to the success of yourself and others.

Life is all about relationships. Whether its family, friends, spouses or ourselves, we must continually reflect and learn. Learn from others and motivate yourself to improve. No one is ever perfect. Learning to evolve as an individual is inspiring. Regardless of what day of the week it is, reflect. Think about today and what you experienced.

What could have you done differently? What did you say that you probably could’ve said differently? I catch myself thinking I’m funny but then realize that maybe I’m not funny to others. Can I take back what I said? No. But I can learn and not repeat similar comments moving forward.

As a creative, I need to reflect on my work. Think about my ideas and what inspires me. By reflecting, I know that I’m always going to put my best work forward.

So stop for a moment and ask yourself were you your best self today?

Personal Reflection was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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