Good Does Triumph Over All

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Did you ever wonder why the stories we love are about good triumphing over evil? Notice how no matter what happens to Captain Kirk, he always wins? His intent is always to do the right thing, regardless of logic. We love good.  The idea that bad will always lose. We want the best in life to win and when you come from a good place, you do win. 

Everyday we encounter people who do things that are less than desirable. I won’t say that all people are bad. I believe that we are inherently good, but get lost in our ways. When you come from a good place, with intent to do what’s right, then you have won half the battle.

We’re taught that mistakes are bad. That people who make mistakes are stupid. Leaders are taught to discipline and remove those that make mistakes as if they are intentionally sabotaging everything. While some are out to do bad, a mistake is a mistake and usually not intentional.

Leaders have to recognize mistakes happen and people are only human.

Good Leadership Starts From the Happy Place

We all, leaders, followers, everyone wants to be happy. We seek happiness in everything we do because after all, who doesn’t want to be happy? Good leadership comes from that happy place inside. A leader’s intent must always be positive and to do what is right. This isn’t easy, because doing the right thing, isn’t always the easy thing.

“Doing the right thing, isn’t always the easy thing.”

But if you, as a leader, as an artist, want to creative happiness for others, then do good and find your own happy place. Come from there. Let your journey for happiness guide you to do good.

I create because it makes me happy. That is my happy place and from there I strive to make others happy. During my 9-5 position, I lead from a positive place each day. I don’t know if those I lead are happy, but they could be worse.

Regardless of what you do in life, always come from a place of honesty and intent to do what is right. You will be rewarded in more ways than you realize.

Good Does Triumph Over All was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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