How Productivity Is Doing One Thing And Doing It Well

One Thing
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Have you tried doing one thing? We are consumed with the idea we must do multiple things at once in order to be more productive. To quote Joe Biden, multi-tasking is a bunch of malarkey! Multi-tasking simply doesn’t work, especially if you’re in the creative business. Rather than attempt to accomplish lots of things all at once, do one thing and do it well. 

In the past I would spread myself too thin when working on my creative pursuits. This applied to everything. From my social media right down to what I was going to create. I usually had multiple pieces of art going at one time.

Insanity it was.

But no more. I recite the mantra of do one thing and do it well. If nothing else, I get something done and move to the next. It really is that simple.

Productivity Is Accomplished One Thing At A Time

Sometimes the creative process doesn’t let you stick to one thing. Once the creativity flows, many ideas pop into your mind and you can’t help yourself. But when it comes to actually creating and producing, step back and focus on one thing.

Write your ideas down and keep them for later. Pick one and go with it. Put your energy into that one thing, finish it and feel a level of success.

With your focus on one individual thing, working from a list, you will accomplish what you want to accomplish and help build your business. Staying organized and working on projects individually will yield a return on your investment of time that is priceless.

Success, in anything, is built one step at a time. So do one thing. Do it well. Bask in your own success.

How Productivity Is Doing One Thing And Doing It Well was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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