Why You Need to Understand Their Story

Photo by Benny Jackson via Unsplash.com

Life is much easier when we view everything through our own story. We each bring a unique tale to life. Our experiences, the people we know, all create a unique story. The tough part of life is understanding the other person’s words. We’re not good at doing this, but imagine if you could empathize with everyone you met?

We are constantly in conflict with each other. Not necessarily by choice, but by seeing everything from our own perspective. We don’t initially think what is the other person’s perspective.

Stop for a second and read their story.

Each Story Is a Unique Experience

None of us are required to like every individual we meet. That’s impossible and quite honestly stressful. But before you simply dismiss someone based on the cover, listen to what they have to say. At least read a few lines.

Each of us builds a wall that others must first encounter. Sometimes this wall is to keep others out and sometimes it’s to keep who we are, in. The empathy we all need to display to make life better, hovers on one side or both of this wall.

Listen to the other person and learn who they are. Listen to what they are and then make your determination. Each of us is a story waiting to be told.

Young children are the perfect example. As parents we sometimes get frustrated and don’t want to listen to everything our children say. But if you as a mom or dad took a few seconds to hear your child, you just might be amazed. If nothing else, you will get a good chuckle. I know I do.

How many parents struggle with what they see as a “problem child?” Listen a little more, they just might need to be heard.

The same goes for employees. If you are a manager or leader, listen to your staff. Your employees are smarter than you think, after all, you probably hired them. Their thoughts and feelings will tell you a story of your business. Learn from them

to find and further your success.

Empathy is a commodity more important than most things other than water. Listen to the other story and you will be better off.


Why You Need to Understand Their Story was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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