Art Experimenting Works! Why Aren’t You Trying It?


For the longest time I always wanted to be a landscape artist. Then I said why not portraits? Then is was abstract. Then it was Zentangles. Then it was mandalas. Oh there are animals and flowers too. It was this experimentation that made me realize what I want to do as far as my art. Yeah, this took a while and the pile of balled-up paper in the garbage showed my frustration. But in the end, I learned and I grew as an artist by experimenting. 

The only way a creative grows is to try to be more creative. Experimenting is the easiest thing an artist can do actually. I mean, honestly, how hard is it to experiment? Pick up a pencil and some paper and off you go. It really is that easy.

Experimenting With Art Is Relaxing

When you experiment with your art, you get to learn things about yourself. You get to develop your creative process. After all, sticking to the same thing over and over prevents growth. Art experimentation, especially on a regular basis fosters personal growth. You are ultimately happier.

What I like the most about my art experimentation is how it relaxes me. I get stressed about what I’m going to create next. What can I make? What can I draw? Is it worth it? Will I like making that kind of art? Let the experimenting begin. The only way I learned to overcome this creative stress was to try different things.

I still love drawing landscapes and I always will. But I found I also enjoy the floral and the occasional animal. I also discovered mandalas and zentangle. I love the design aspect of these. So this is what I do now, primarily. It’s my art. I would never have discovered this had I not simply experimented.

So if you’re struggling with your creativity, or you simple don’t know if you want to try something new, experiment. Just try it. Trust me.


Art Experimenting Works! Why Aren’t You Trying It? was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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