3 Important Thoughts About Character



Your character is your definition. It’s who you are and it’s the person everyone else thinks of when they hear your name and see you. Your reputation is your business card. So everything you do, say and post adds to the definition of you. 

As I was thinking about how others perceive my own words and actions, I thought of three things that hold true about character:

  1. Character is the foundation of us. Everything we do, think and say is a reflection of that foundation. So how do you want to be perceived?
  2. Don’t let others define your character. In the end, people remember you. If you let others dictate who you are, then you create a facade.
  3. How do you want to be remembered? Your character is key in defining your legacy.

In today’s world, the two most valuable things each of us has is time and character. How we spend our time and what we devote our time to reflects upon who we are.

Each of us has a choice as to the person we want to be.  Most of all, we know how we want to live each day.

What Character Do You Want To Be?

What person do you want to be? Each of us plays different roles, every day. The roles you play will define you and that’s how you will be remembered.

Our technology lets us be defined in more ways than we realize. What you post to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram becomes part of you forever. Think about that. That simple post or like or retweet adds to the definition.

Whether we like it or not, we need to give each action and word a little more thought than many of us do. It’s hard. Really hard. But in the end, our definition is created by who we truly are and what we truly think. So think about what you do. What you say. What you post. It becomes you. And if you want to be your best self, look at your character first.

3 Important Thoughts About Character was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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