3 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Photo by Jonathan Pendleton via Unsplash.com


I love being creative. Coming up with ideas of things to draw and products to create is really a fun thing, at least for me. But finding that creative spark is sometimes a challenge. How often have you tried to find that spark? I’m sure, if you’re like me, you can go days without finding that “wow” idea. This of course, is frustrating. What’s more, struggling with your own creativity is discouraging. But, creative success doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Like me, you need to find ways to boost your creativity. Whether in the office or at home, here are three things I do to get the creative juices flowing:

  1. Reflect. I actually spend time reflecting. You may say Vince, where’s the time to reflect? Make it. I schedule time to reflect and I reflect on just about everything. I normally do this before bed because it lets me revisit my day and creates more peace of mind. In the morning, I’m refreshed and have new ideas to start the day.
  2. Read poetry. The poetic verse is full of inspiration. Whether it’s Leaves of Grass or something else, poetry makes the creative mind move. There are plenty of poetry books you can download and read in minutes. If you have an Kindle, do a simple search and read some of the free works.
  3. Breathe. Similar to reflection, breathing is a great way to spark the creative flow. We all know our brains need oxygen, but the physical benefits of using breathing techniques are plenty. When I’m stressed or struggling for ideas, I do some simple breathing techniques and poof! Check out this article for some breathing exercises that will help your mind and body (Disclaimer: check with your physician before doing these breathing exercises.)

Control Your Creativity

I find it easy to get stressed over a lack of ideas. I want to create and so therefore I should have a ton of creativity, right? Don’t stress over creative block. It happens to everyone. Control your creativity by reflecting, reading and breathing. You will make your own success. You just have to try. Here’s a quick read on how to increase your creativity and productivity. The best way to learn is to read. So once your done with your poetry, read some articles and build your knowledge!

Now, get making!

3 Ways To Boost Your Creativity was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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