Why Successful People Are Never Bored

Photo by Ben White via Unsplash.com


I’ve noticed people we all consider successful are never bored. They’re always doing something and not just anything, but useful things. Successful people are reading, writing posts, jotting down ideas, listening.


It’s a great habit really to develop, to always be doing something. Successful people build their success by accumulating ideas and good habits. Never being bored is a key to success. 

We all have the same amount of time each day. How we use it depends on us. Successful artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, employees, use each minute they’re not sleeping to the fullest extent. I mentioned sleep and I’ll get to the importance of sleep in a later post.

Bored? Think Your Way Out

Too many people pursue the accumulation of stuff. Material things and I include money in this.

Successful people accumulate ideas, experiences and new opportunities. How do they do this? The accumulation of thought is simple. Success is found in books, articles, blog posts, podcasts, anything where thought leaders and experts share their ideas.

No idea is really new. Those who seek success look to explore ideas and make them their own. So they read and listen. You should too.

Success is found through writing. I have ideas at the most random and mundane times of the day. Eating breakfast is when I’m hit with ideas for example. I don’t know why, it just happens. So, I write it down. Whether in a notebook or a note on my phone, I write my idea down.

Successful people take notes on everything. Whether it’s something they saw, or read, or a conversation they had, the ideas are written down.

Most of all, successful people accumulate their thoughts. Every note they took, idea they heard, feelings and experiences they had, is accumulated and reflected on. Success comes from this exploration of ideas. The mind is never bored. It is this constant flow of thought and reflection that makes successful people successful.

My call to action is to write your ideas down. Share them with yourself later on in the day. Reflect and keep your mind active. Read, read some more, and read a little more. You will find your success.


Why Successful People Are Never Bored was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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