Why Content Marketing Is Your New Year’s Resolution

Content Marketing

Content marketing is vital to any business. For creative entrepreneurs, content marketing is necessary to any successful pursuit. Without it, you don’t have a business. Online marketing is integral to your creative business. With the new year rapidly approaching, the one resolution you must stick to, is to make content marketing a priority.

So how do you make this resolution for 2017 and most of all, stick to it? You make a plan. 

Creating content isn’t easy. Anything you publish needs originality, needs value and most of all needs to be useful to your target audience. These factors are the foundation of your strategy and your plan.

But as a creative, it’s not always easy to organize your thoughts and create a strategy. If you’re like me, you sometimes simply do. A plan isn’t always…part of your plan. After all, creativity is spontaneous. But a successful content marketing strategy is essential. Regardless of what you aim to do with your content, there’s one essential step that will focus your strategy:

Research. How do you know what content to create if you don’t know what your target audience wants? Researching various keywords, observing your social media following and simply asking your readers are good ways to create content. Feed your ideas with the content your audience is looking for. Here on Vincent Vicari Art, I write about a number of topics that are all focused on finding success as a creative entrepreneur. Yes, there is diversity in my topic selections, but the creative business involves much.

Content Marketing Tools

Here a few tools I use to help me with my content creation.

Check out KeywordSpy to help you find relevant keywords for your content. Finding the right keyword is essential. Once you know what to build around, you can create!

Need a topic? Check out Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator.

Finally, Hubspot also has an extensive library on all things content marketing and more. Check it out here.

Sometimes being creative requires a little more structure. But a new year, a new resolution to make a content marketing strategy will make 2017 a productive one!


Why Content Marketing Is Your New Year’s Resolution was originally published on vincentvicariart.com


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