Where Did Your Productivity Go?


How often do you ask yourself where did your productivity go? When I stop and think for a moment how much time I lose during the day doing unproductive things, I get sad.

Do you find yourself in the same situation? How many mindless posts do you “like” on Facebook when you could be creating? Being creative is a challenge in itself at times. Finding the time to be creative is even more challenging and then….you get distracted.

I remember when I first committed to writing this blog. I was determined to make my side hustle into a true side hustle. I even recall thinking here was my retirement gig just 20 years earlier. Then came everyday life.

Work, family, the house, squeezing in the grocery shopping. The daily routine interfered with my quest to become a full-time artist who writes a blog. Sound familiar? Stressing over our ability to be productive is a typical problem. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Photo by Bench Accounting


Productivity Tricks That Work

The everyday grind led me to become an inconsistent artist and blogger. My productivity as a creative entrepreneur declined to the point where I was very rarely drawing or blogging. I was tired from the stress. What I did create, I didn’t like. I was constantly thinking about my business when I needed to focus on other things, like my day job.

I wasn’t happy.

As a result, I learned a few tricks that improved my overall creativity and productivity. I know these tips will work for you too:

  • I turned my phone off.
  • I exercise for 20-30 minutes each day. No excuses.
  • I improved my diet.
  • I get at least 8 hours of sleep.
  • I read. I read more. Then I read some more.
  • When I’m not “feeling” being a creative, I don’t even try.
  • I write my ideas down.
  • I reflect every day.

I cited the exercise, healthy diet and sleep because they are key. Not just for creative entrepreneurs but for everyone.

Reading is fundamental. No one taught me how to blog or to draw. I read. I still read and that is why I describe myself as self-taught because I am. The feeling you get from teaching yourself something is amazing.

My favorite trick for being creative is to not create at all. The human brain needs down time. Letting your mind rest helps your focus later on. So don’t force creativity or anything for that matter.


Creativity and productivity are linked because to be productive, you need to create. Yet lacking in productivity can feel devastating. If you implement these tips in your daily routine, I’m sure you will improve your overall creative production.


Where Did Your Productivity Go? was originally published on vincentvicariart.com


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