How To Make Your Day Productive

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How often do you wake up in the morning and think about what you want to accomplish that day? How often do you actually accomplish what you want? Productivity is the foundation to everything we do. Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur, an employee, a parent, or all three, we all seek productive days.

But too often, we fail.

Productivity doesn’t need to be an art. Make it a science. 

Each day is a new opportunity to accomplish important tasks to further your business, your career, your creativity. From the little mundane things to the important projects, finding the time to be productive is key.

Organization Equals Productive

In my daily journey to build a successful creative business and balance a day job and family, I’ve found organizing my daily tasks is the key. Does the to-do list work? Only if you actual use it.

I’ve mentioned using Evernote and I still use it to organize my larger project ideas.

But I’ve found my daily list is managed well using Todoist. This a great app I have on my phone, and if you go premium can sync with other devices. Each day, I make a list of tasks and save it to the app.

It’s that simple. The app is clean, distraction-free and is simple to use.

From the creative perspective, I love it because I can quickly and easily note my ideas. That next big idea sometimes just pops up when you least expect.


“My success just evolved from working hard at the business at hand each day.”

-Johnny Carson

I’m a believer in hard work, but I believe more in working smarter.

Aside from using a simple app like Todoist, I also jot down my ideas and make outlines whenever possible. Again, it’s about organizing thoughts and ideas.

Here are some simple, quick steps that are essential to staying organized:

  1. Keep a list.
  2. Cross-off or if you’re using an app, complete each task.
  3. Don’t get distracted. Do the task, move onto the next.
  4. Done! Now get some sleep.

Is this a simplistic list, yes. But how hard is it each day to stay on task? Especially with our phones connected all the time.

Wrap Up

You’re only as productive as you allow yourself to be. Don’t get distracted and organize everything. Schedule time to relax and do nothing. Giving your mind time to relax is essential to your productivity just as much as a to-do list.

I can now complete this task, writing a blog post, off my list. I feel good that I accomplished something and I hope this helps you to organize.

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