Mandala Art For Breakfast: Teardrop


Sometimes, when I sit down to write my next blog post, I think about creating art. Sometimes when I’m creating art, I think about my next blog post. Yes, I strive to plan my posts in advance and I research my topics, but some posts are just spontaneous.

My art is always spontaneous. Many everyday things spark ideas and inspire me to create different designs and doodles. That’s the beauty of art. 

Sometimes, what ends up happening is a design becomes something totally unexpected. What starts out as a simple mandala morphs into an odd design incorporating lines, circles, weird shapes and a little shading.

A few leaf patterns and straight lines later, and the piece above is what I get. Creativity doesn’t wait for anything. It’s that spontaneous burst of ideas that pushes artists and creatives to create. Art really is a feeling.

“Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.”

-Leo Tolstoy

Creativity is really just a feeling. Your art is an expression of that feeling. The emotion, the passion is what makes art both unique and fun.

Get out and create. Most of all, express yourself.



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