How To Improve Your Blogging Using These 2 Tools

How often do you struggle with your blogging?  I bet you just said every time you write a post. What about your writing in general? Writing, like any craft, takes time. It takes effort. Writing takes practice.

For visual creatives writing is probably one of the scariest parts of promoting work and building their creative business.

Writing, however, is one of the most important business skills. If you are an effective writer, you communicate well. Your ideas are clear and concise. Your writing leads to profit.

Writing for your blog is no different. Your blog is your business or at least a key component of your business. Your success depends on your writing. Yet you continue to struggle.

In this post, I’m going to tell you about two tools you can use right now to improve your blog writing and business writing.

No one is a master writer at business writing or blogging. We are constantly learning. But, there are a number of good blogs, well-written and fun to read. The writing captures the audience and provides good value or drives customers into a sales funnel. Good writing is good writing.

Blogging For Visual Effect

As a visual artist, I have to rely on my writing skills to “sell” my products. Product descriptions are vitally important. In my day job, I’m constantly writing emails and reports, sound familiar? Regardless of the intent of my writing, I’m always looking for two essential things: readability and good grammar. Express yourself clearly, effectively and “sell” your point.

At work, I rely primarily on good old spell check and someone else I trust, to review what I write before I hit send.

For the blogging aspect of my personal business, I use some tools that improve my writing.

Yoast SEO

I use the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. I’ll talk about the specific SEO tools in a later post. But for my blog writing, I love how Yoast SEO tracks the readability of my posts.

Posts need to be easy on the eyes and readable. According to Buffer, 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds reading content.

I’m sure all the visual artists just cringed! Using Yoast really helps. Get the plugin if you’re on


A few months ago I started using Grammarly. Where Yoast SEO helps with the appearance and spacing of my posts, Grammarly does what its name says. I type fast. I make mistakes.

Grammarly lets me know what mistakes I made and provides me with corrections. Simple. Easy. Done. If only I had Grammarly in grad school.

Once you sign-up for it, you can add an extension for Google Chrome. Grammarly then runs on anything you’re writing, including emails you compose in Gmail.

You can also download the app for Windows 10 desktop and Microsoft Office 365.


Use Yoast SEO and Grammarly to help your business writing and especially your blogging. Content is king. Using these tools improves your writing making you look knowledgeable. You build credibility. Your business depends on your presentation. You want readers to become conversions and paying customers. Write well and regardless of your niche or product, your writing will do the work for you.


I would love to hear what other tools are out there to help with writing! Feel free to share and thank you for reading!

How To Improve Your Blogging Using These 2 Tools was originally published on Vincent Vicari

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am very new to blogging and up until my last blog last week, i was copying the text into Ms Word and using the built in spell checker🙈. For grammer, i was re-reading just to make sure and i use the dictionary-am sure i have some errors. I will give the two tools a shot. Thanks again 😃

    1. Thanks Caroline! I’m glad it’s helpful. Good luck with your blogging!


  2. Admin says:

    i am using free wordpress blog is it also applicable on free one ?

    1. Hi Admin,
      I only know of the Yoast Plugin for self-hosted sites. Grammarly, once downloaded, works on almost anything so you should be able to use it. Good luck with the blogging!

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