Why Your Brand Depends On Your Business Legacy

Photo by Kalen Emsley via Unsplash.com

Is your business legacy important to you? Is your brand important to you? Do you ask yourself how you will be remembered? Legacies are talked about constantly.

From presidents to athletes, we as a society judge individuals on how we remember them. Creative entrepreneurs are more than just business people. We’re individuals in pursuit of building a personal legacy through our business. So how do you want to be remembered? 

We’ve witnessed two recent examples of individuals who will forever be defined by their accomplishments. Barack Obama and Roger Federer.

One a president, one an athlete. One now defined by legacy. The other still building his.

Your Legacy Is Your Business

We all know our art style and what we create defines us. But should we concern ourselves with what our legacies may or may not be? I think John Glenn said it best, “I’m not interested in my legacy. I made up a word: live-acy. I’m more interested in living.”

Your work will define your business and your future growth. So in many ways, we as creative entrepreneurs need to reverse ourselves and focus on what products we need to provide to gain future sales.

But we need to remember the way we work, how we market, and how we treat our customers builds our reputations. That reputation will either attract new customers or keep them away. We are no different than any other business.


Take, for example, Nike. Their brand is universally known. The “swoosh” is just as recognizable as the peace sign. We hear names like Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, and numerous others, and we think NIke.

Each time you look at a sneaker on the shelf, Nike’s reputation immediately fills your mind. You immediately think of jump shots, runners, and tennis courts. That’s branding. That’s business legacy.

As I keep creating and marketing and creating I can’t help but wonder what my business legacy will be?

A Life Lesson

A creative business is really a personal business. After all, art is an expression of the artist. So how much of your business is your personal legacy? When our journey is done, it’s the memories of how we made others feel that becomes our legacies.

“I make pictures and someone comes in and calls it art.”

-William de Kooning

Insert our creative businesses. Art spurs emotion. If I can make one person happy through my work, well, imagine the legacy. Whether you’re drawing, painting, taking pictures with a camera or writing prose, your creative pursuits define your business and you.

I’ve never focused on what others think of me. But, if my business relies on my reputation, I think some thought needs to go into my legacy.

Wrap Up

Your creative business is defined by your products and marketing. Your success and growth rely on a positive image of your business and of you. If you’re not careful, who you are will define your business. We’ve seen time and again, how a tweet or Facebook post damaged a company or brand. Creative entrepreneurs are not immune from potential brand damaging actions.

Everything we do with our creative business comes from personal leadership and responsibility. So stop, think about your brand and what you want your business to reflect.

What are your thoughts on building a legacy for your brand? For your life? Feel free to share and thank you for reading!





Why Your Brand Depends On Your Business Legacy was originally published on vincentvicariart.com


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