Why You Must Use Unsplash.com For Your Blog

A basic need for every blogger is having good, quality visuals on their blogs. With attention spans getting shorter, attracting readers starts with a good picture or infographic.

There are many great sites for pictures for your site. But, I use Unsplash.com constantly. Yes, I’m a visual artist, but I don’t always have the time to take photos. What’s worse, I’m super particular and much of my drawings don’t make it on the blog. So, like any good blogger, I rely on others. 

Rather than simply talk about the site, take a look at some of the photos from my blog that came from Unsplash:



Photo by freestocks.org via Unsplash.com
Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko
Photo by Anton Repponen

These are a just a few of the many great images available. The best part, they’re all free! One tip: Always give credit to the photographer and the site.

Unsplash Community

What makes Unsplash truly unique is the community of creatives. The work that’s available is beautiful, stunning, and simply amazing. The site boasts a significant stat: one billion photo views per month.

One billion!

The creators of the site just announced some new features:

  • Following
  • Notifications
  • Stories
  • Unsplash S
  • Local

Expansion of the site’s technology and community is definitely a good thing. Creating is always about community. Getting notifications lets you follow your favorite photographers within the Unsplash community.

I’m excited about reading Unsplash Stories. I love capturing a good image. But the story behind a good image gives the capture more character. Unsplash Stories allows the photographer to tell the story behind the shot. Everything from their inspiration to camera settings!

If you’re a photographer, you can use Unsplash to build your following and fan base. So consider joining for sure. I just did!

Wrap Up

Content will always be king for bloggers. But your visual content is just as, if not more important, than your words. Good visuals pull your readers into your content and hopefully keep readers coming back. You want to attract more readers to your site with quality images. Unsplash.com is an excellent resource for your blog.

Check out Unsplash and get some good visuals!

Thanks for reading!

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