Do This One Thing To Make Your Life Better

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Life is what you make it, right? If I told you there is one thing you can do this week to make your life permanently better, how much would it be worth to you?

Would you pay $1000.00? $1500.00? Is there no price? What I’m about to tell you is something each of us can do and it’s free! 

Each day is a gift of time. Besides our health, time is really the true wealth. So why do we spend our days giving our time away to others? From co-workers to family to our smartphones, we are constantly giving others our time.

There are of course the truly important people in our lives that we should dedicate our time to. But how many interruptions do you have in your daily life that are nothing more than a time sink? Does it help your productivity? Your creativity?

Life Is Yours To Live

I’ve spent years allowing others to dictate how I’m living my day-to-day. I can’t tell you how stressed I became because I concerned myself with other’s perceptions and opinions of me. This included everyone, from family to co-workers, to so-called friends. I physically felt the stress.

In 2005 I wanted nothing more than to find acceptance in my day job. So, I went golfing with a co-worker. I really wanted to impress this person with my self-proclaimed golf skills. I wanted this co-worker to talk me up to my other co-workers. I felt this overwhelming need to belong.

Instead, not only did I play horribly, but a few days later I experienced this sharp pain in my lower back. Turns out, my golf swing led to a back injury. I haven’t swung a club since.

What’s worse, my former co-worker only told others how bad my golf game was. It did nothing for me. I learned to, that gossip was the culture of the office and that’s not my style. In the end, I gained nothing but a bad back and 6 months of physical therapy. I realized pleasing others is only for others. It does nothing for me.

So here’s the lesson: learn to stop trying to please everyone. Who cares. You need to be genuine. You must be your true self. Those that want to include you in their lives will. Those that only want something from you, will quickly realize they need to play on your terms.

This advice works for every relationship in your life.

Successful individuals surround themselves with healthy, positive relationships. It’s not easy. There are times we have to let people leave our lives. Relationships turn toxic with the only outcome is to end those relationships.

Wrap Up

Life is what we make it. Each day we get to choose who we want to be. Success comes from these choices and they build upon each other. Don’t let others control your time. Don’t let others control your emotions. Don’t let others control your life.

Start today by asking yourself what relationships in your life are worth your time. Don’t be afraid to accept the truth you may need to move on from some relationships.

Thanks for reading! 


Do This One Thing To Make Your Life Better was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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