Why Twitter Is Still Relevant For Visual Artists

Photo by Paul Morris via Unsplash.com

We all know Twitter is one of the largest and most well-known social media platforms. According to Statista.com, Twitter had 317 million monthly active users in 2016.  As a microblogging platform, there is power in a simple tweet. Everyone from the average person to politicians to athletes takes advantage of that power for better or worse.

But is Twitter still relevant for visual artists

I schedule my tweets each day. I use my tweets as tools to drive traffic to my blog. But I rarely share actual art on my Twitter feed. I don’t want to overly promote my work and I definitely don’t want to come across as simply trying to sell something.

But Twitter is still relevant and very useful for visual artists for three reasons.

Twitter Improves Your Traffic

While Facebook and Instagram boast more users and Instagram especially is crucial for visual artists, Twitter lets you improve your blog traffic without much effort.

  1. Share useful info within and outside your niche. Blogging is about building your brand within your niche. But attracting new visitors and expanding your audience requires pushing the boundaries. For example, I went from tweeting solely about my artwork to sharing tips on blogging, leadership, entrepreneurship and the very broad topic of inspiration. My niche is my artwork but I’m really talking about creative entrepreneurship. All of these topics are connected and broaden my target audience.
  2. Tweeting creates influence through information sharing. Building influence and trust in any niche is a tremendous way to build an audience and get the sales funnel flowing. So you can draw, paint or take pictures, great! But visual artists should use tweeting as a method to share information, to share their story, without stressing over writing and formulating full-length articles.
  3. Share that article you wrote! What about the in-depth blog post or that foundational article? Were you published in a magazine or industry publication? I tweet my blog posts regularly. A great way to reuse your “old” content that’s still relevant is to simply tweet the post. You put significant effort into that blog, share it, share it some more and build that trust.

The Passive Influence

Promoting your artwork via social media is an effective marketing tactic. But, as a creative entrepreneur, you have a larger story. Your skills are not only artistic but include writing skills, people skills, and business skills.

Effective use of tweets helps the entrepreneur to passively influence an audience and direct that audience to your art products.

Wrap Up

Tweeting allows the creative entrepreneur to build influence through knowledge sharing. You enhance your blog, artwork, and overall content marketing strategy using Twitter. The platform is still relevant and a valuable tool for visual artists if used appropriately. So get tweeting and build your brand!

Thank you for reading! How do you use your tweets?



Why Twitter Is Still Relevant For Visual Artists was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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