Why I Made A Blue Mandala

Copyright V. Vicari 2017

The blue mandala. I have no other name for it. Maybe “The Fish?” It reminds me of a fish actually. But again, this is what creativity is all about. It’s a simple drawing. A bunch of lines.

A creative thought.

But why did I draw this particular blue mandala? 

I drew this particular design because I wanted to experiment. I wanted to incorporate some basic color in my design. I think it worked.

I also find when I upload my work, it doesn’t always scan the way I like. And yes, I intentionally left the scanned lines of the paper edge. I think it gives a very basic and intentionally amateurish look to the piece. There’s that creativity again.

A Blue Mandala Inspired By A Fish?

I find inspiration in many things in my daily life. Especially when I’m outside and looking around, nature is a great inspiration. Sometimes, though, a kid’s movie also inspires one to create.

A few days before I concocted this piece, we introduced our son to Finding Nemo. A good story and of course I appreciate the art. But it wasn’t Nemo that inspired me.

Insert Dory.

Yup, that funny, blue and forgetful fish inspired the blue mandala. Not to mention, my son loved it. (The movie that is.)

One of the best things about creating art or anything is that it’s truly yours. It’s a reflection of your moments and experiences. Not everything can be expressed with words.

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Watching Finding Nemo with my son for the first time was a memory I will hold forever. Looking at this piece reminds me that inspiration is everywhere and can hit you like a ton of bricks out of the blue.

Ask yourself what inspires you? But don’t get philosophical. Look at the simple things in life.

Look at the everyday things.

Creative inspiration is that simple. That spark of your creative genius is probably staring you in the face.

I made this piece because of a digitally created cartoon fish. What can you create?


Why I Made A Blue Mandala was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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