7 Odd Ways To Spark Your Creativity

Photo by Sorasak via Unsplash.com

It’s Monday. Your week just started and you’re scratching your head what to write about.

Join the club.

I’ve spent the better part of today wondering what I could possibly write about. I’ve neglected my content calendar so of course, I have nothing specifically to post for this hot, sunny Monday.

Then it hit me, why not a quick, simple, motivational list to start the week

Starting the week is tough. Especially if you’re trying to be creative. Let’s face it, we all get stuck. Our creativity doesn’t always flow as easily as we want.

Since I’m all about the art, let’s keep it creative.

7 Creative Things To Start Your Week

Get creative on Monday, and Tuesday too, and watch your week be more productive:

  • Sketch the last thing you saw
  • Take a picture of something in nature
  • Take a picture of an urban scene
  • Write a poem about nothing
  • Look at a picture of anything you want, and write a caption for it
  • Read a children’s book, (this really works)
  • Close your eyes and picture yourself in your favorite movie

Some of these things may sound a little crazy, but crazy works. Think outside the box and let your creativity flow. Let the randomness of your thoughts collect and build into a pile in your mind.

It’s not hard.

Realize the ideas that you’re looking for are there, you just need to let them out.

Michaelangelo used to say the sculpture was already in the marble, he just let it out. I’m paraphrasing of course, but the sentiment is true.

Wrap Up

Don’t let the week be a constant battle of searching for ideas and motivation. Let yourself explore the world around you and let your mind wander. Look at nature.

Read. Write. Think. Your creativity is boundless.


7 Odd Ways To Spark Your Creativity was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art


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