5 Things: Read For Continuous Learning

Photo by Josh Applegate via Unsplash.com


How often do you hear successful entrepreneurs and others talk about continuous learning?

I’m a huge fan of lifelong learning and one of the best ways to learn is to read.

I mean read anything you can get your hands on. Professional journals, blogs, you name it. Read.

So here’s a brief list of five articles you can read right now that will help you learn something today! 


Anything But Routine

Routines rock even if you prefer the spontaneous. Having a morning routine is still a good habit. Especially for your creativity.

Check out what Jeff Goins has to say about establishing a morning routine.

Entrepreneur-it All The Way

Being an entrepreneur is tough. But staying focused and accepting the ups and downs is part of the journey!

See what this entrepreneur has to say about the best advice she received in this short piece, (you just might be surprised)!



F-it! There, I said it. Just read this piece for an interesting and really honest perspective on life.


Get Your Side Hustle On

So I work a full-time job but side-hustle my art. It works for me and gives me good vibes and some extra cash.

So what side gig do you want?

Check out this nifty infographic and let your entrepreneurial juices flow!


It’s All About The Creativity

Finally, a little plug for one of my own articles. Creativity is super important to me. It’s in all of us and I think expressing your creativity makes you happier and healthier.

Check out more of my thoughts on this here.


Thanks for reading! Never stop learning. Pursue your passions and keep growing.

5 Things: Read For Continuous Learning was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art

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