Creative JumpStart: Get Some Sleep

There is much that goes into living a creative life. Especially when as individuals we’re constantly in search of finding creativity. Sleep is crucial to creativity.

Believe it or not, I find that getting the right amount of shut-eye helps my creativity. I feel like I’m full of ideas after a good night’s rest.

So for this Creative JumpStart…Go to bed. 

I’ll keep this one brief as I’m lacking some serious rest while writing this. But entrepreneurship doesn’t rest.

Photo by HS LEE on Unsplash

Sleep Is Essential

We’ve all heard the health benefits of getting sufficient sleep. But sleeping well helps your mind stay creative and come up with ideas to build your creative business.

If you search sleeping tips, you’ll find many things in common because let’s face it, sleep is an important health issue.

But for us creatives, I think the 5 steps below not only foster good sleep, but foster good creativity.

  1. Make a sleep schedule and stick to it.
  2. Cut the screen time at least 30 minutes before bed.
  3. Drink water throughout the day.
  4. Get exercise during your day.
  5. Read before bed.

Now some will say that reading before bed keeps the mind active and therefore undermines your rest.

But I’ve found that not only do I sleep better when I read before bed, but while I’m sleeping my brain is coming up with new ideas. So this may or may not work for you.

Reading before bed helps to foster new ideas. Especially if I’m reading something that sparks my creativity.

Good rest is great. Better sleep does even more for you. If you’re interested in some more information concerning improving sleep, check out the Mayo Clinic here.

One tip about caffeine, I’m a coffee lover like so many others. Coffee is a sweet nectar of life in my book, but too much will hinder your nighttime rest. Plus, who likes the jitters? Limit the caffeine and you’ll dream better and be more creative.

Wrap Up

Sleep is key to better health and improved creativity. So get your creative sparks flying by going to bed and getting some quality rest.

Ok, I’m tired. Enjoy your sleep tonight.



Creative JumpStart: Get Some Sleep was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art

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