Creative JumpStart: Art Prompt

I admit I don’t adhere to a marketing plan all the time. There are many weeks where I just shoot from the hip with my blog posts. Hey, it’s creative right?

While I attempt to keep the creativity flowing with my posts, it’s not the best way to work. I struggle at times with coming up with something to write.

Take this week for example, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to post about. Something in depth? Something short?

In the end, I decided to do a simple art prompt. I know, nothing extraordinary, but we all have to start somewhere. 

I’m not always a fan of one or two word prompts. I feel there needs to be more. After all, if you’re looking for an art prompt, you’re probably struggling with ideas. You want help.

You need help.

So why rely on a simple one or two word prompt? Get some details going. A good prompt is more like a guide to help you navigate your ideas.

Let’s get started.


Let’s Get Prompted

First things first, here’s the basic prompt:

Draw a house plant

But don’t draw any old house plant, I want you to get creative and unique with this. Anyone can draw a simple plant, the fun and the learning comes in when you add crazy ideas.

First decide if you’re going to draw an actual plant or a flower. There’s differences, especially if you’re going to do a flower.

I’m big on the details with floral art, especially modern florals. Drawing flowers is all about the lines and perspective. You don’t want to draw simple shapes and call it good. You need to add more.

So maybe you’re just starting out and want to doodle, then I suggest a basic houseplant with simple leaves and stems. Maybe a decorative flower pot or heck, draw a five-gallon bucket. It’s up to you.

Start With The Basics

As when building anything, you need a good foundation. Start with the pot or bucket. Keep this part simple. You can and will add lines and perspective later.

Is it small? Is it big? What do you want to do? Do you want a square pot? Or your typical round one? There’s nothing wrong with typical.

Art Prompt

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

As you draw your pot, think about lighting. Is your plant going to cast a shadow? You need to think about the perspective of light in your drawing.

Once you pick your pot and know about the light. Add the shading to the side away from the light. If the light will create a shadow, add that too.

Once you have your pot drawn, it’s time to move on to the flower or plant.

Basic Green Leaves Or Floral Surprise?

Did you choose yet? Are you going to draw a standard green plant or get interesting with some flowers? Why not green leaves with a flower?

Whoa, I bet you didn’t expect that.

The sky’s the limit with your art, never forget that. So start with the stem. Draw a line up from the top of your pot and slowly curve it.

Now draw one parallel to it. There’s your stem.

Next draw a triangle from the stem but with a curved bottom touching the stem tip. That’s your first leaf. Draw another and another.

Before you know it, you have a plant.

What about a flower? How about a daisy? Or a rose? Find a picture for reference and do the best you can with the design. Your drawing doesn’t need perfection.

Just practice.

I found the picture below on Unsplash and it’s perfect for you to practice with:

Art Prompt

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

How’s it going? Are you excited yet? Do you feel like an artist? Let me tell you something, you can own the best camera, the best pencils, computer, brushes, whatever; being an artist isn’t looking the part.

Being an artist is doing the art.

The only way you will ever create art is to do. The only way you will be a photographer is to take pictures. It doesn’t matter what the equipment. In fact, some of the best art ever was made with simple materials.


“Being an artist is doing the art.”


Keep drawing. Don’t stop. Add some petals if you’re going with the flower. Don’t forget the pot. Make some horizontal lines coming from one side.

If your pot is round, follow the curve. If it’s square, keep the lines straight. You’re adding perspective so the image needs to flow.

Go back to your leaves and petals. Add some small lines inside the leaf or petal for detail. Doing this gives some realism to your drawing.

Wrap Up

Finding your creativity doesn’t equal struggling with your creativity. Practice makes perfect. But don’t hesitate to try. The fear you have about creating is holding you back.

There is no law that says you must show your art to anyone. Drawing for me has always been a very personal thing. I only share what I choose.

So start with a flower. Draw a house plant. If you have one, place the plant in front of you and get drawing. If you don’t, visit your mom’s house and take a picture of one.

Do what you must and get drawing!


Creative JumpStart: Art Prompt was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art

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