New Graphic Pullover Hoodie For The Fall!

I have a secret love…hoodies. Much to the displeasure of my wife, I could live in hoodies.

In fact, I often try to during the late fall and winter months.

Cool summer nights and definitely when hiking too.

There is nothing better than a warm, comfortable hoodie with cool graphic art.

So check out my latest hoodie:

The mandala design is inspired by nature. I love mountains. They’re majestic. Powerful. Enduring.

Normally I stick to the black and white designs. I rarely work with color. I’m not adverse to color in my mandalas. I simply like the power and contrast of black and white.

That’s why this hoodie is unique. A mix of black and white landscape art surrounded by green leaves.

If you’re interested in this hoodie, or know someone who would be, you can grab one here.

Get out into nature, even if it’s the urban jungle. Stay happy and creative. Find your inspiration and just do. Don’t hold back.

And get ready for the winter with a hoodie too.

New Graphic Pullover Hoodie For The Fall! was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art

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