Why We Draw Things

Why we draw things is a simple question really. We draw things because it fills a need to create.

Or it fills the minutes during obnoxiously boring conference calls.

But drawing things, any thing, is really the foundation of the creative life. Painters draw. Illustrators make fancy drawings. Sculptors sketch their sculptures first. Those pants you’re wearing, (hopefully your wearing pants) started as a bunch of lines on paper.

Have you realized one thing almost all kids in school do? They doodle. Back in my day, I would draw all over my folders. The paper-bag covers of my textbooks were blank canvas quickly filled.

I tell my seven-year-old son go draw something to occupy his time. We draw things because things are really ideas. Sometimes practical, realistic ideas. Product ideas. Sometimes, most times, the drawings are whimsical thoughts converted to paper. Regardless, we draw things because drawing things is part of who we are.

We draw things, because drawing, creating, is part of us.

Think about the last time you doodled. Wasn’t it comforting? Wasn’t it fun? We draw things, because in the end, if we didn’t, there wouldn’t be things to draw.

Why We Draw Things was originally published on Vincent Vicari Art

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