Microblogging About The Art

Time is in short supply when you have more than a few things going on. Ironically, while we all are given the same number of hours in a day, some of us have less time than others.

The question I encounter about time is how do I allocate enough of it to the creative side of me. How much time is enough time.

If I could, I’d spend my days drawing and writing. That’s just what I would do. But, life is just not that simple.

Case in point, last week I posted about revamping my site, particularly it’s navigation and products.

So to its comes to the blogging. I’ve realized, I don’t need to write super long posts here. Partly, I don’t want to. Mostly, I don’t want to take time, valuable time, away from anyone who is reading.

I also don’t want to take time away from creating actual art. Enter the microblogging. Shorter posts. Concise posts. Fun posts about the process, the art and new products when they arrive.

You’ll see fewer products, but, hopefully, better designs.

If you’re interested in longer articles and a few poems, follow me on Medium.

Let’s get back to being simple.

Microblogging About The Art was originally published on Vincent Vicari

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