Don’t Force Your Art

Drawing isn’t about anything, other than making. It’s that simple. It’s not about showing off. Don’t draw because someday you hope people in the 1% will bid obscene amounts of money for your work. Draw because, like any form of art, you want to.

Drawing is about practicing the craft. You create because you want to. Yes, you can get paid. You can make money from you art. But, you have to ask yourself one question: would you still do it if you couldn’t get paid?

If your answer is yes, keep going. You passed the test.

If you said no, I want you to stop and reflect. Look, I will never say don’t draw because your only in it to make some coin. Go for it.

I will say this however, you will do yourself and your potential clients a disservice. If you don’t create because it’s something you have to do, then you’re in serious danger of not creating the best work you possibly can.

Don’t force your art.

Step back, and think about what it is you are creating for. If it’s just to build your bank account, you are not being honest with yourself.

It is to easy to get caught up in what can be. You have to do the work until it’s no longer work. Go. Create. Do it because you truly want to.

Don’t Force Your Art was originally published on Vincent Vicari

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