Friday Gratitude

Each morning as I write, I have some time to myself to simply think. That is the point of having a daily writing habit. Writing each day creates an opportunity to get rid of the mental clutter.

We are faced with so much distraction, ever minute of every day, our minds get full. We get stressed. We miss out on many things as a result.

Think about how much time you spend tweeting, scrolling, watching. How much of that time could be spent doing something creative? Or what about reading an actual book or a well-researched article?

There is much we miss out when we’re distracted by the things we don’t need to waste our time on. So I’m grateful for the small moments of quiet I have in the morning. These moments let me write, whatever I want. I do this mainly over on Medium because it lets me focus and there’s an opportunity to share.

The writing has taught me to be grateful for focusing on what matters and throwing away the rest. If you want to be more creative, then you have to choose what you’re going to spend your time on. Scrolling or making? Reading or watching?

The next time you want to binge-watch something, think about how much you could create during that time instead? What is that time worth to you? Be grateful for the time you and use it wisely.

Go. Be. Do.

Friday Gratitude was originally published on Vincent Vicari

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