Creativity Isn’t A Competition

Creativity isn’t a competition. There’s a problem with comparing ourselves to others, we think we’re not good enough. Creativity is no different. The more I see on Instagram and anywhere else, the more inadequate I feel.

Except here’s the thing, creativity isn’t a competition. Everyone is different. We all have different skill sets, experience, and time to practice. You and I will never compete because we can’t. And we shouldn’t.

Trying to be better than others is only one more obstacle you don’t need. Yes, learn, observe, grow from others. But do what you do. If you can’t shade something like others, don’t worry, you’ll get there. If you can’t write more than two complete sentences an hour, don’t worry, you’ll write that novel.

I’m not against competition. In business we compete which leads to innovation and myriad other benefits.

The problem with attempting to compete with other creatives, is we try to hard. We lose the authenticity that makes our art ours. Constant improvement is on thing. Constantly comparing is equally detrimental to our art.

The moral here is creativity is like anything else, it takes time. Slow down. Learn from what you see. Ask questions and grow as an artist. But do not compare yourself constantly to the work of others.

Now go, do.

Creativity Isn’t A Competition was originally published on Vincent Vicari

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