Nuances Of Your Art

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Nuances of your art are what makes your art authentic. Think about this, what makes art enjoyable to most? It’s the uniqueness of what is created. I may draw a circle, but you may draw a circle with a slight dip. That’s a nuance.

You might say isn’t that dip actually a mistake? If you’re an architect drawing a rotunda for a new building, yeah, probably lose the dip. But if you’re drawing a mandala or an abstract piece, now you added some authenticity to it. That dip is you creating.

It’s still a circle, it’s just a circle with a dip. I give you permission to call it a circle.

Nuances Of Your Art
Copyright V. Vicari 2020

Your artwork is an expression of you and each of us is nuanced in numerous ways. Some call them quirks, I see them as details only created by you. So don’t be afraid of the little dips or the not so straight line.

Heck, even the random paint drop you weren’t planning on.

Those are just nuances of your art. The beauty of being human, or maybe the stress, is figuring out how we make a life with our nuances and quirks.

We have to navigate this existence regardless of how we’re wired. The same goes for making art. We are given permission to be quirky artists. That freedom to be quirky, to let things happen with our art is a rare thing in life.

We are constrained by rules in everything. Now, I’m not advocating for chaos. Rules are inherent to civil society. But sometimes it’s necessary to go outside the lines.

I suggest, rather than be ashamed or worse, quit your art, because of a few nuances, embrace them. Explore them and follow your creativity.

Nuances Of Your Art was originally published on Vincent Vicari

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