Why Not Draw To Improve Focus And Be More Successful

Creative JumpStart

Why not draw? Why not draw to improve focus and be more successful? Drawing is creative, expressive, relaxing, enjoyable, mind-opening, stress-relieving, and simply fun. If you think about it, drawing is probably one of the easiest stress-relievers out there.

You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment. All you need is a pen or pencil and a drawing surface. Think about how many napkins end up with doodles.

So why not draw?

Why not draw?
Copyright V. Vicari 2020

The piece above is another sketchbook entry that’s a work-in-progress. The point is to keep trying, new designs, new ideas. Why not draw? I lead a typical, busy life. A full-time career, two kids (including diapers), and this creative side-hustle, entrepreneur thing.

I enjoy reading, exercise and long walks on the beach too. I digress. Drawing, the art, is an escape. Drawing allows my mind to wander and divest itself from reality. But in a good way.

Artists generally get a bad rap because we get to do whatever it is we want. We are given the creative freedom that others wish they had. I’m giving you that permission now. Draw something, anything. A line, a circle, a bunch of dots.

Go. Do.

P.S. If you need some inspiration, head over to the shop and for some ideas.

Why Not Draw To Improve Focus And Be More Successful was originally published on Vincent Vicari

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