Some Recent Artwork

Creative JumpStart

Some recent artwork. There’s always time to draw.

Some recent artwork
Copyright V. Vicari 2020

The finished product:

Some recent artwork
Copyright V. Vicari 2020

I’m not sure where this concept came from, but then again, that’s the point of trying different ideas. I find myself getting “boxed in,” when it comes to the drawing. Do I draw a mandala? Flowers? Some leaves?

Or do I mix two or three different “things” into a piece? Sometimes you need to make a plan and other times just go where the artistic flow takes you. There’s a skill I’m gradually learning. It’s the skill of when to have a broad outlook or a narrow focus with what I’m creating.

Sometimes a little of both is needed. There’s a good book by Gary Keller called The One Thing. If you take the small steps, one at a time, you eventually succeed in your goals. Sounds overly simplistic, but it’s true.

So with the art, find your vision (the broad outlook.) Then narrow your focus on the individual steps you need to take. Of course, don’t rush. That’s another problem I have. I want it done yesterday but art can’t be rushed. Unless that’s your thing. I digress.

With this piece I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I had a vision. An abstract idea, but how do you put that into a mandala? This is also what sketchbooks are for. To try your idea. Test. Erase. Repeat.

Somewhere in that process is where we find joy as artists. It’s where we go to touch that inner desire to create and express ourselves. Make some recent artwork yourself.

If nothing else, it beats watching silly YouTube videos. So in the end, grab the sketchbook, dabble with your creativity. Experiment. Don’t forget the eraser and enjoy yourself.

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