Poetry And Art

Creative JumpStart

Poetry and art, a creative journey. A while back, maybe two or three years ago, I decided I wanted to write poetry. Not necessarily the rhyming, jiving, lyrically flowing kind either.

You know, that free verse that’s more of just random thoughts placed into a collection of words. Either way, I got into. So much so, that it has now become a passion. I simply enjoy it. The challenge, the poetic struggle of syllabic sensibility.

See what I did right there?

I find that writing poetry, or what I consider my attempt at it, is fulfilling in a simple way. Yet another selfish pursuit that makes the mind flow. The best part, writing poetry complements the artwork. When I write, I gain focus that helps me in my artistic creations.

When I draw, I get ideas of what to write.

Either way, you can find one of my recent pieces here.

Poetry and art, peanut butter and jelly for the soul.

Poetry And Art was originally published on Vincent Vicari

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