Every artist is a creative entrepreneur. Every entrepreneur has to be creative. No one can do it alone. The items listed below help me and they can help you too!

Note: The affiliates listed on this page are things I like and use. In my efforts to be as transparent as possible, if you click on a link here and make a purchase, I will collect a commission at no cost to you. I use everything I recommend or I’ve read the book I list!

Web Hosting

Namecheap: Need a reliable web host? For as low as $3.98 for the first year, you can get set up on Namecheap. I not only recommend it, I use Namecheap myself. The service is reliable and the customer support is available 24/7. Easily install and setup WordPress. You literally can have your own site up and running in 5 minutes.

Print on demand

Shop & Create on Zazzle

As an artist, you will need a great place to sell your work. I use Zazzle to create my own online store. The site is reliable, secure, and offers tons of quality products to sell your work.


Creativity and Inspiration


Austin Kleon’s words are nothing short of inspiring and motivating. Once I read this, I asked myself what the hell was I waiting for? Why did I wait so long to pursue my creative business? Read this!

Stephen Covey’s class 7 Habits is a must read for anyone really. But, for you the creative, it’s essential.


Danny Gregory is just an all around inspiring guy. Check out his blog for inspiration. Checkout his “Art Before Breakfast” to learn some basic drawing skills and be inspired.

A Positive Attitude Poster: this is one of my original works and one of my personal favorites. Life, business, success is about attitude. Stay positive!


Content Marketing

Jeff Bullas was and still is instrumental in motivating my digital business. I continuously learn from his blog and contributors. Content marketing, social media, blogging, email, SEO, it’s all there.

Neil Patel is yet another master of the digital world whose podcast is both concise and entertaining.


 Social Media Marketing

Hootsuite is invaluable in organizing and scheduling your social media marketing campaigns. Once upon a time I was Hootsuite certified but let that slide. Check out their various plans (due to budget constraints I use the free plan) that allow you to utilize their platform. This is perfect for the busy creative.

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